Turn your frown upside-down.

Spending summer vacations at Grandma Mary’s amazing Groovyland Theme Park was an awesome experience for an unassuming boy like Terry. With the help of Grandma’s overzealous imagination, he could dream about visiting enchanted lands filled with psychedelic walking flowers, talking balloons, clumsy dragons and, maybe, even a princess or two.​

But now, his grandmother is gone and the theme park is threatened with closure. Desperately unhappy, Terry finds himself clinging on to the old times and his memories of her hippy-dippy stories.​

Then a little thing called fate steps in.​

A tiny bit of magic left behind on one of the theme park rides sweeps him away and before he knows it, he finds himself stranded in a very real, very cool, very magical land! But one that certainly isn’t as carefree or as happy as Grandma had lead him to believe—an evil wizard, Grump, has cast a spell of gloom over the land and now smiling and laughter are a thing of the past.​

Can Terry save the day and get back home? In order to do so, he must travel the kingdom in search of a spell that will get everyone’s happy back and, along the way, help a princess, outwit all manner of strange and wonderful creatures, and try and embrace a little thing called ‘change.’

FPB Classification: TBC
Genre: Adventure, Animated, Children’s, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Running Time: TBC
Language: English
Cast: Ian McShane, Toby Kebbell, Lily Collins
Director: Andrés Couturier
Music: James Seymour Brett