Life is an adventure.

On her wedding day, rebellious Princess Barbara flees the kingdom to escape from evil postman Bundy, who wants to marry her to seize power. Suddenly, sheʼs rescued by Bogey, the odd-but-lovable king of the wilderness. Bundy plots to rob the forestʼs supply of Spark, a magical lifegiving elixir. Only Bogey, Barbara, and their bouncy friend Bunny can stop Bundy – but can they face Bundyʼs vicious army of giant, robotic rats?


FPB Classification: PG V
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Animated, Family, Romance
Running Time: 98
Language: English
Cast: Pauly Shore, Hayley Duff, John Heder
Director:  Aleksandr Arkhipov, Maxim Volkov