COVID -19 Preventative Measures:

To All our valued Customers:

The Intermission is finally over!

Our team is ready. Our Cinemas are ready. Our technology is ready, and we are thrilled to be welcoming guests back to Epic Cinemas to enjoy great movies on the big screen as they are meant to be seen.

Epic Cinemas will open with enhanced cleaning, sanitizing, and operational protocols to ensure the health and safety of guests and employees, including:


Social Distancing Protocols:

Guests are required to maintain 1.5metre distance between each other in Cinema foyer area.

Capacity Limitation and Seat Separation Policy:

Cinema Seating capacity on our ticketing system has been reduced.

Please be seated in the seat number as reflected on ticket.

We request all customers to please leave one seat open between yourself and the next person when seated.


Enhanced Hygiene and Cleaning Protocols:

All Staff and Guests are required to wear masks

Hand Sanitiser will be located in the Foyer of the Cinema

Staff will be implementing additional hygiene and cleaning across the entire Cinema.

Please assist us by bringing your used Popcorn Boxes, Cups, papers etc and discarding it in the dustbins provided.

We urge you to please assist in practising safe hygiene inside our Cinemas.

            Wear a Mask, Wash Your Hands, Maintain Social Distancing


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We Thank You For Your Loyal Support And Understanding.