Young Chickenhare is the adopted son of King Peter, a famous adventurer. Part chicken, part hare, he has a really tough time growing up and disguises himself as a hare to avoid the mockery of his peers.

When the day of the Royal Adventurer Society trials comes, Chickenhare, hampered by his disguise, fails miserably. But, he is determined to grab a second chance and find the Sceptre of the Hamster of Darkness, before his evil uncle, Lapin does. The sceptre grants immense power to its holder. If Lapin gets hold of it, he will be unstoppable.

Accompanied by his faithful servant, Abe, a sarcastic turtle, and Meg, a martial arts expert skunk, he sets of on an epic quest.

Based on (characters) by Chris Grine.

FPB Classification: PG V
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Animated
Running Time: 91
Language: English
Cast: Danny Fehsenfeld, Joe Ochman, Mark Irons
Director:  Ben Stassen, Benjamin Mousquet

Music:  Puggy